5 Clear Signs That You Have Bad Hair

5 Clear Signs That You Have Bad Hair

5 Clear Signs That You Have Bad Hair

According to the Urban Dictionary, bad hair refers to kinky or extremely wavy crowns. 'Bad hair' is a term that has been predominantly used in African-American settings. However, curly or wavy does not define the term. Any hair that is hard to manage to owe to certain issues related to health or not could constitute bad hair. Most people (of African descent or not) will have bad hair days. When you are facing any issue with your locks, managing it becomes difficult. Below are 5 clear signs that you have less than perfect hair.
1. You have dry locks
Dry hair is usually weak and often brittle. By touching, you can tell whether it is dry or not. If it is not smooth and supple, you are lacking in terms of moisture. The best solution is a good conditioner. A conditioner will seal the moisture and lock it accordingly. To prevent dryness, make sure to moisturize or condition your hair every single day. Dryness leads to dullness and breakage.

2. You have split ends
Split ends are a very common sign of bad hair. Heat damage is one common cause of split ends. Uneven hair strands inform you that you have split ends. In this regard, combing your hair will see these ends break off. When you start to have weak texture, this could indicate heat damage brought about by styling tools. To resolve this problem, take a break from heat styling and treat your mane with a good conditioner. Avoid tight hairstyles and never comb wet hair.

3. Your tangles are too much
Tangles and knots usually indicate that your hair is not in the best condition. This can be solved by using the right combs. Avoid using cheap plastic brushes. Instead, use a brush with soft nylon bristles. Also, well-moisturized hair will not overly tangle.
4. You are shedding
Shedding is a severe loss of hair chunks when combing or styling. This indicates very weak hair. There are many causes including poor quality hair products, heat damage, certain medications, and even a health problem. Seek professional help if your hair starts to shed or break excessively.
5. Your mane is very dull
Ideally, a good the crown looks shiny and lively. Dullness can qualify as bad hair because it is not appealing to the eye. Excessive use of products like gels and pomades can leave you looking stressed and dull. Therefore, give your head a break and use oils that restore hair luster naturally.
Outdated hairstyles may also be detrimental to your overall look. Styles that do not flatter your face/head shape will also contribute to bad hair. If you choose to buy a cheap wig or add poor quality hair extensions, you may end up with the wrong look.
Emma has been working in areas of DCMS and SEO from 2017. She has an editorial and journalism background. Above all, her passion for good hair inspires her work. She also scouts, tests and reviews hair products. You may find recommendations for hair products and services.

By Emma Wanjiku

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