Fortnite now has the Gangnam Style dance


The latest dances in Fortnite are not just those popularised by Tiktok teens. No, there’s something for us old folk as well.

Dust off your history books and look up “Gangnam Style”, a popular dance from 2012. This is now available in Fortnite too.

Gangnam Style was surprise-released last night on Fortnite’s item shop, and within minutes I saw it being used by numerous people in the game’s lobbies. Including by me.

It’s a traversal emote, meaning that you can move around while using it and get right up in people’s grills. It’s quite fun.

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The fact Fortnite now has Gangnam Style is a little surprising – for a game now filled with Tiktok dances, this track is positively archaic. On the other hand, with everything else under the sun joining Fortnite these days, it was probably only a matter of time.

It feels a very long time ago now Fortnite (and other games, to be fair) were under the spotlight for using dance moves without crediting their original creators. While legal action never went anywhere, these emotes have been quietly retired and new additions feature licensed official music launched as official collaborations.

Recent additions in this vein include a Tiktok dance which credited the user who came up with the moves, set to a licensed Dua Lipa track. It’s annoyingly catchy.


by Tom Phillips, News Editor

Source : Eurogamer

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