The Champions League will be exclusive to EA’s FIFA series for years to come


The Champions League will be exclusive to EA’s FIFA series for years to come.

EA announced it had signed an extension to its multi-year UEFA club competition licence, which means the Champions League and Europa League will remain exclusive to the FIFA series.

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EA nabbed the Champions League licence from football rival PES back in 2018 after Konami’s 10-year deal with UEFA came to an end.

Meanwhile, EA said it’s expanding FIFA with six in-development mobile games, “ranging from authentic simulation to unique arcade formats offering new ways to play for everyone”. And EA is launching FIFA Online 4, the free-to-play PC version of FIFA currently popular in China, in 15 new countries.

Finally, FIFA 21 hits Stadia on 17th March 2021. EA’s football series arrives then on Google’s streaming platform for the first time. FIFA 21 launched on 5th October 2020 on other platforms, including PC.

FIFA 21 was the best-selling game in the UK in 2020 and enjoys enormous popularity around the world. It is not without controversy, however, with a raft of government authorities investigating possible links between the loot box-driven Ultimate Team mode and real-world gambling and its effect on children.


by Wesley Yin-Poole, Editor

Source : Eurogamer

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