Cult-classic management sim sequel Evil Genius 2 gets March release date on PC


Evil Genius 2: World Domination – the Rebellion-developed sequel to Elixir Studios’ cult-classic management sim – finally has a release date, and will be donning monocle and cackling maniacally from 30th March on PC.

As you’d expect, Evil Genius 2 follows a similar formula to its 2004 predecessor, tasking players with managing the day-to-day operations of an evil lair and helping their international super villain of choice achieve global domination.

The bulk of the ensuing action is focussed on base building and defense, as players carve out an underground lair suitable for their villainous needs, boss around minions, and attempt to stave off attack from do-gooders determined to thwart their evil schemes.

Evil Genius 2 release date trailer.

Rebellion’s sequel is sleeker and shinier, while retaining the comedic stylings and appealing retro aesthetic of its predecessor, but introduces new villains, henchmen, agents, room types, and traps – some of which are given an airing in Evil Genius 2’s latest trailer.

At launch, Evil Genius 2 will feature four story campaigns, each focussing on a specific super villain – “narcissist despot Max, heavy-muscle madman Ivan, manipulative ex-spymaster Emma, or scientist zealot Zalika” – alongside three prime island paradise locations for players to establish their bases, each with its own unique challenges.

Rebellion says it still has a few more announcements to come ahead of Evil Genius 2’s Steam release on 30th March, including word on a brand-new mode.


by Matt Wales, Reporter

Source : Eurogamer

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