World Book Day 2021: Eurogamer’s reading recommendations


Tom Philips: Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot

I’m now one of those people converted by Chris Donlan into recommending Skyfaring to anyone. Written by veteran British Airways pilot Mark Vanhoenacker, this book offers an experienced, inquisitive and infectiously romantic view of the wonders of flight – and it’s one I frequently find myself dipping back into while stuck at home and on the ground.

A couple of years back I was struggling a bit with flying and had a bunch of long-haul trips looming on the horizon. Donlan bought me this book and, while it hasn’t cured me, there really is no arguing with its wide-eyed enthusiasm that describes flying as something extraordinary.

There’s a reason people have loved Microsoft Flight Simulator so much over the past year, and why so many are now looking forward to it on consoles. In video games and in the real world, flying provides a literal means of escape, a sense of scale, and for all but the most world-weary of fliers, a child-like sense of wonder. Skyfaring describes all this brilliantly. (Tom Phillips)


by Eurogamer staff, Contributor

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