The Medium – Find the tie clip explained


How to find the tie clip in The Medium

To find the tie clip in The Medium, you first need to head out of the living room and into the hallway for the apartment. From there, you’ll want to enter the open door directly to the left of the living door.

This doorway will bring you to Jack’s study and, once here, you need to interact with the left-hand side of the room.


Doing so will give you a close up view of the medals, the cupboard on which the clock sits and, more importantly, the small red box next to the clock.


Selecting the red box will reveal that this is the box for the tie clip. Sadly, however, it’s not inside.


You now need to use Marianne’s insight power to reveal that the tie clip has slipped beneath the clock.


Finally, select the clock and Marianne will push it backwards to retrieve the tie clip.


Before you leave Jack’s flat, however, remember to stop by the kitchen to feed his cat to unlock the Famished Feline achievement. All you have to do is pick up the can of cat food from the kitchen counter, examine the bowls on the floor and then select the cat food from your inventory.

Don’t forget to find the cat!

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by Lottie Lynn, Guides Writer

Source : Eurogamer

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